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Our Expert- Manish Sharma (CEO) As the CEO at LearnMarketsOnline.com “Manish Sharma” oversees the business, and overall development. He also handles strategic planning, marketing, finance management, and digital growth.
Prior to his entrepreneurial debut, he was an equity research analyst and an active trader covering all aspects of market, in his previous role.

Manish Sharma holds a bachelor's degree in Special Study in Finance from Mumbai University. He has a passion to thrive as a financial planner and investment adviser to help people create wealth.

Although he started as a Research Analyst, it wasn’t long before Manish long standing passion drive him to choose stock trading as his profession. Manish Sharma is a veteran in world of Derivatives Trading & also Specialized in Option Chain Analysis, Open Interest build up readings like Long Unwinding, Weekly Open Interest Analysis, Price-Volume breakouts, Options Index Hedging / Gamma Scalping, Stop loss Management/Fund Management. MEDIA APPEARANCE Manish Sharma appear regularly on ET Now, CNBC Awaaz & Zee Biz for various recommendations on Derivatives, Equities & Commodities. Live Shows, Recordings & Telephonic Calls providing recommendations on Equities, Derivatives, Commodities & Currencies. Following Contest Played & Won by Manish Sharma 1. Khiladi No1 Show on CNBC AWAAZ 2. Bulls Eye Contest on CNBC TV-18 3. BNSN Stock Game on ETNOW. FNO Trading expert recognized by Moneycontrol and renowned speaker of Dalal Street with more than a decade of Options Trading and Training experience.

Why Learn Markets Online

We are not just another run-of-the-mill company offering Stock and financial courses. Our vision is to enhance your knowledge to a new level altogether. To make this possible, we use our domain expertise, and the application of the best technologies, to make learning convenient, effective, and affordable for all. The courses we offer are designed to offer unmatched expertise and thus benefit our students.


We have used the best learning methodologies to make our courses highly interactive, interesting and engaging. So, say goodbye to boring texts, and have fun learning finance with us.
The complex topics have been explained via engaging gamification. This will make it easier for you to grab the concepts.

Practical oriented

We are hands-on finance professionals ourselves, and we will make you become one!.
Our courses are developed by the best subject matter experts from across India. They share their experiences, and show you how to implement the concepts you learn.

Our Mission and Vision


To educate people about stock market, and maintaining the discipline by following the rules & provide resources, and help them implement our strategy for high returns and less risk, consistently. We want to help people to get higher returns out of their investments. Our major mission is to teach them trade with passion and patience.


       Our vision is to become the most preferred training institute for stock market training, to help clients to get higher returns on their investments, through a better understanding of the financial market. We aim to provide real-time practical exposure to enhance their knowledge on the stock market and help them achieve financial freedom.

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